Keeping CAV Technology Free of ‘Red Tape’ is Latest Seminar Topic

The impact of regulation on the development of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology is due to provide the agenda for the next in a series of free online industry seminars from the MIRA Technology Institute next month.

Dr Huw Davies, Assistant Professor at the Research Institute for Future Transport and Cities will discuss how the automotive sector should work together to advise on, and lobby, for appropriate regulatory frameworks that will help to streamline innovation and product development in this area.

The webinar, scheduled for Wednesday 24 February 2021 from 10am – 11am, is suitable for industry professionals and stakeholders within the global automotive sector, those responsible for skills and training, and students and graduates keen to broaden their knowledge.

Huw said, “The pace of technology development is threatening to outstrip changes to the law and policy on matters including road safety, the design and manufacture of vehicles, insurance, and data protection. It is of primary importance that these issues are addressed to assist the efficient introduction of new products and also to secure public trust.

“Regulation not only covers a breadth of topics, it applies across international boundaries and is governed by a number of governments and, through a process of self-regulation, industry bodies. We need clarity on how any new rules will apply according to the level of automation, i.e., whether a vehicle is defined as assisted, or has partial, high or full automation. And at the heart of the debate will be the key issue of safety and how this will be approached and monitored in a way that satisfies all stakeholders.”

Dr Huw Davies is Deputy of the CAV team at Coventry University, which, in partnership with HORIBA MIRA, is a member of the Centre for Connected & Autonomous Automotive Research (CCAAR). His research interest is the development of innovative approaches that facilitate technology diffusion and address public policy concerns.

Lisa Bingley, MTI Director of Operations said, “We are looking forward to hearing from Dr Huw Davies in the latest in our series of seminars designed to provide cutting-edge insights on a range of topical industry issues.

“As an emergent technology, regulatory issues with CAV tend to be solved with bolt-on additions and amendments to existing laws and guidance. This will inevitably become prohibitively complex unless autonomous vehicle regulation is viewed in the round and addressed with the advice and cooperation of the automotive industry.

“Huw has a great deal of knowledge and experience that will enable manufacturers to think about their responses to the role of regulation in ways that helps them to achieve their goals in the development, production, operation and decommissioning of autonomous and connected vehicles.”

The MTI is the result of a unique collaboration led by North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College, and its partners, HORIBA MIRA, Coventry University, the University of Leicester, and Loughborough University. Built with £9.5m investment from the UK Government’s Local Growth Fund via the Leicester and Leicester Enterprise Partnership Limited (LLEP), the MTI is a specialist facility designed specifically to train the next generation of engineers in the latest automotive technology. The MTI is helping to create specialist skills in some of the new emerging technology areas including electrification and driverless cars.

Since it first opened its doors two years ago, the MTI has welcomed over 8,000 students and delegates. This includes over 630 studying for accredited qualifications from a Level 1 Institute of the Motor Industry certificate up to Masters’ degrees, and nearly 250 following apprenticeships at all levels. The MTI is due to launch a new degree level engineering apprenticeship this year and has already seen more than 6,500 automotive professionals take part in professional development activities.

Marion Plant, OBE FCGI, Chair of the MTI Operations Board, and Principal and Chief Executive North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College said, “We are pleased to be able to bring experts to the sector to hear about how the industry is evolving and we’re delighted to welcome such a high profile and knowledgeable speaker to our seminar programme.”

For more details on the latest seminar and to book your place please call 02476 935680 or email [email protected].

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