Centre for Connected Autonomous Automotive Research Building at MIRA Technology Park

The Centre for Connected & Autonomous Automotive Research (CCAAR) is a unique automotive research centre dedicated to developing intelligent, connected vehicle technology.

Built on strong research and innovation links, CCAAR is a collaboration between HORIBA MIRA and Coventry University. It brings together experimentation and study to provide the underpinning knowledge and research that supports the rapid growth within the global intelligent mobility sector to address future transport needs.

Core Objectives

Located on an existing site at the heart of MIRA Technology Park, CCAAR’s core objectives are to:

  • Provide an environment to simulate, test and evaluate the security and safety of Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)
  • Undertake research to accelerate the development of new products and services in the CAV segment
  • Produce a pipeline of talent to support growth of the CAV segment

The Partnership

CCAAR consists of an expert team made up of academic staff members and doctoral research students from Coventry University, alongside HORIBA MIRA’s engineering and test teams. Working together the Centre helps to nurture a pipeline of future talent to bridge the skills gaps in the industry.

Utilising HORIBA MIRA’s world-class facilities and technologies, CCAAR benefits from a range of information and communications technology and specialist laboratories. With in-house facilities combining the real and virtual worlds for CAV, the Centre utilises a suite of simulators that interact with ‘living laboratory’ environments.

It is at the heart of many industry leading research projects and specialist areas include vehicle connectivity, automotive cybersecurity, traffic simulation and modelling, human factors and design.

This strategic investment builds on existing collaborative activity between the two partners, including work with other leading industry players to test connected vehicle technology in real-world conditions; a project exploring how connectivity will help drivers reach their destinations more efficiently and conveniently; and wide-ranging doctoral research activity exploring, amongst other things, technologies that make journeys safer, cleaner and smarter, as well as the development of more resilient cybersecurity systems within modern vehicles.

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